This woman agreed to an experiment – and the results are seriously impressive

It’s no secret that a good night’s sleep is the key to good health. Most people think that eight hours of sleep is what is required, whilst a minority of people assert that they can get by on just six hours.

We at LikeAble are fascinated by this question, which is why we decided to share with you the results of a recent experiment that really brought home to us the negative effects of not getting enough sleep.

Sarah Chalmers is a 46-year-old woman from the UK who recently took part in a sleep deprivation experiment. The aim of the research was to better account for the consequences of not getting enough sleep. At the start of the experiment, scientists analyzed the condition of Sarah’s skin with the help of a face scan. At the end of the experiment, her pores had doubled in size and her skin looked flushed.

’I looked much older than my 46 years. My eyes had dark rings underneath, and my skin was lackluster, with pores so enlarged I could see them from a distance. To top it all off, a couple of spots were beginning to develop on my chin. I tired quickly and was very irritable. I hated seeing my reflection,’ said Sarah.

During the first part of the experiment, Sarah slept for no more than four hours a night (from 2 am until 6 am). During this period, she said that she didn’t feel tired, but she also didn’t feel as though she had had any rest. ’By 3 in the afternoon every day I had a strange feeling, like a hangover,’ she said.

In the second stage of the experiment, Sarah slept for five and a half to six hours a night over the course of a week. By the middle of the week, she noticed some changes — she began to get tired more quickly and started eating sweet things more often to obtain bursts of energy.


Sarah Chalmers after six hours of sleep.

The doctors explained these developments thus: ’A lack of sleep leads to production of cortisol — a stress hormone. This makes a person more irritable. Not getting enough sleep also activates the oil glands, which leads to skin problems. A lack of rest at night also stops the production of growth hormones, which restore the body’s systems to their optimal levels.’

The final stage of the experiment involved restoring a normal sleeping schedule. Sarah slept for no less than eight hours a night — and the positive results weren’t long in coming. Within a week, Sarah’s problems with her skin disappeared, and she became less irritable.


Sarah Chalmers after eight hours of sleep.

Source dailymail