Tiger Mom Gives Birth But Nobody Can Believe What They Find Under Her Legs

December 29, 2016

When the World Wildlife Fund released figures of a rise in wild tigers this year it was the first time in conservation history that a decline has been reversed. The number of tigers in captivity are trying to be diminished as conservationists aim to repatriate almost 2,000 tigers to the wild by 2022.

Australia Zoo captured unbelievable footage of a female tiger giving birth to offspring that may hopefully one day be repatriated into the wild. This clip is one of the most amazing things you will see.


To experience the largest predator give birth gives an incredible insight into another side of the tiger that is very rarely seen. Flick over to see the video of this fascinating moment – and to find out what happened.The female tiger seems quite relaxed during the whole ordeal and is said to have been very impressive for a first time mother. Although this clip is beautiful in its own way, it must be noted that it is quite graphic.

The mother tiger ends up giving birth to two male cubs. This was a wonderful sight to see but there were some touch and go moments. After the first cub let out just a few gasps, it struggled to get its lungs working. The vigorous licking from its mother was to start circulation and thankfully it began to breathe normally.

Keep reading to find out more about the tiger and her new cubs. The female tiger is called Kaitlyn and is a Sumatran breed. Since their birth, her two cubs are said to be thriving as they begin to develop sight, which usually occurs in their second week of life. Importantly, Kaitlyn has started a new breeding program and bloodline for tigers in Australia.

With only 500 Sumatran tigers left in the wild, this birth could be vital in boosting the numbers of this severely endangered breed.

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The tiger is a vital predator at the top of the food chain. They play an integral role in controlling the herbivore population which would otherwise devastate the environment. Here is a snippet of how fierce this predator is.
This female tiger destroys another feared predator, the leopard, like it’s nothing. Nobody wants to see this majestic animal go extinct and incidents like this are vital in creating new bloodlines and increasing the tiger population. Although currently in captivity, it would be great to think that these two male cubs may be released back into their natural environment at one point.