Tiny Toddler Hears His Favorite Song Start To Play And Can’t Resist Belting Lyrics Out

February 2, 2017

Everyone has treated their car as their own musical platform at least one time or another.

Whether you’re a good singer or a horrible singer, there will never be a day your favorite song comes on and you just sit there silently.

You can mouth the words or mumble them, but you’ll definitely belt it out every once in a while. And as long as it doesn’t affect your driving, you could throw in some car dance moves too!

But all the adorable little boy in the video below really needs is his voice to capture people’s hearts.

His mom turns around in the front seat and starts to record him as he sings “I’m blessed!”

But this is a real song playing in the background and he knows all the lyrics! He looks tiny enough to barely know how to speak and read, but he actually knows all the words and sings them perfectly — and adorably.

He has a sweet voice and a clear passion for singing, and loves sharing how blessed he is.

Can you imagine how proud his mom must have been after recording this? He’s already captured the hearts of millions online, just wait until he’s a teen!

What do you think about this little boy’s performance? Could you sing along?

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