Top Places Women Want To Have Sex Revealed

December 27, 2016

They say that the average man thinks about sex once every seven seconds. I find this utterly insulting… it’s usually around three to four seconds. That being said; men, do you wonder if your female counterparts think about bumping the uglies nearly as much as you do? The team down at mattress company Sleep Cupid were extremely curious.

Sleep Cupid decided to interview 3,000 women to work out the average woman’s deepest and darkest fantasies. So, guys, if you’re looking for a way to inject some fresh impetus into your limp and lifeless sex life, there might be a way for you to rekindle the bunnies-in-heat passion you once had with your significant other. The results of this survey might just be the second wind your flagging, overweight marathon runner of a relationship needs!  Turn to the next page to see the results of this rather intimate survey. 

Curious about women? Specifically, about what their fantasies are when it comes to sex? Well, look no further: this survey found out some of the more explicit details of 3,000 women and the results are below.

1. Fulfilling a woman’s deepest fantasies could be just a couple of steps away

The first thing that Sleep Cupid found was that of all the places women would really love to have sex, stairs took the majority of the vote. Coming in second and third were beaches and big events. And if one of your friends decides to get hitched at the beach, why not kill two birds with one stone? Joining the mile high club or getting it on at the office also ranked in the top seven responses. When you break it down by sexual orientation, things get a little more interesting: bisexual women were more inclined to ordering a sex on the beach, while the bathroom was also a popular destination for the female switch-hitter. Lesbians preferred garages and closets, while getting down and dirty at a big event was a favourite for heterosexual women. For all orientations though, stairs were the clear winner.

2. Office romances are alive and well

The ultimate taboo in many a workplace sitcom as well as the place you’re most likely to meet your significant other (statistically), nearly 83.9 per cent of women admitted they’d fantasised about discussing more than just paperwork with one (or more) of their colleagues. Does that seem like a high number? Well, things are about to get weirder.

3. Sticking it to your boss

That’s right! An overwhelming majority of 71.3 per cent of the women surveyed have thought about giving the boss more than just a piece of their mind. That’s one way to improve employee morale, I guess… Now, we’ve heard about some of the more lurid fantasies rumbling around in the mind of the average woman, but what stops women from carrying out their fantasies, whether they be at work, home, or halfway up a flight of stairs?

4. Just because you want do, it doesn’t mean you should

Perhaps unsurprisingly when you consider how prominent the fantasy of office sex is, 38.1 per cent of women feared the dreaded HR department when discussing why they don’t follow through on their fantasies. The only more popular answer was the fact that participants were already in a committed relationship, taking 39.1 per cent of the most popular responses. Next was the fear of public shaming and social ostracisation at 32.8 per cent, followed by the cold, passionless hand of the law. Lady Justice probably wouldn’t make a good lover, and between legal consequences and law enforcement (24.9 per cent and 20.3 per cent, respectively), the thought of legal repercussions was too much for many.

5. What time do women think about sex the most?

Want to know when your significant other is most in the mood? Here’s a handy chart to work out when your lady is probably thinking about sex. Long story, if you’re looking to get it on, you’re best off waiting until the sun has gone down before you get down, with 78.7 per cent of women thinking about sex in the evening. There is however, a strong case here for sky rockets in flight; afternoon delight was the second most popular time to think about sex. Way down at 8.2 per cent was lunchtime; turns out food comes way before sex in most women’s minds.

Wasn’t that educational? Armed with this knowledge, I hope that you guys have a tonne of new ideas to satisfy the women you love and give them the pleasure they deserve.

Have you now learned about women’s fantasies, but have no woman to try it on? Why not try what this guy did on Tinder and ask 1,000 women straight up for sex?