Triangle House Looks Small And Weird, Then Realtor Opens Door To Reveal Amazing Interior

February 10, 2017

Growing up, most people imagine the type of house they’d like to live in when they’re adults.

When the time comes to actually buy a home, people look for different things: some people want a house with history, while others want a home with brand-new amenities.

Some might dream of living in a very unique house, whether that means a famous one like this Mary Tyler Moore Show house or a streetcar turned into a beach house. There are those who aren’t satisfied unless their home is truly out there!

“Unique” means something different for everyone, though, so you never know what might speak to you.

For one builder, “unique” meant triangular. While still offering all the amenities of a normal house, this waterfront property will leave you speechless.

Found in Prosperity, South Carolina, this triangle house is definitely one-of-a-kind.

Triangular house exterior

The exterior of this triangle house is funky and cool, though most people would probably assume it’s tiny and awkward inside.

Although the outside is well-maintained and in a beautiful location, the triangle shape seems like it would make the rooms inside uncomfortable.

Triangular house flowers

Nobody can argue that the outside of this house isn’t stunning, though.

Even if you think a triangle is a weird shape for a house, you have to appreciate the natural beauty surrounding it.

Triangular house interior

The inside definitely isn’t what you’d expect!

The triangular home is spacious and open on the inside. It feels a lot bigger than it looks on the outside!

Triangular house kitchen

The kitchen is open concept and looks over the rest of the main floor.

It may not have the fanciest kitchen appliances, but it’s beautifully arranged and easy to cook in.

Triangular house loft

The kitchen, living room, and master bedroom are all on the main floor, and there are additional bedroom spaces in the lofts.

The staircases are a gorgeous yellow color that keep the space feeling light and bright.

The house even has a small dining room, which is perfect for having family dinners.

Triangular house bedroom

The funky triangular home comes fully furnished, with all the amenities you could expect from a normal (that is, non-triangular) house.

Although it’s technically only 700 square feet, the house feels a lot bigger than that because of its loft spaces.

The house is also unique and modern with its colors. Just look at this neon bedroom!

Triangular house porch

Not only is the inside of the house beautiful, but the property is lakefront, so the views are also absolutely stunning.

In addition to the lake-facing windows, the house has a huge deck, which is perfect for barbecuing and lounging during the summer.

Triangular house backyard

Would you live in a house like this? Or is the triangle shape just too crazy for you?

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