Twin Sisters Celebrated Their 100th Birthday and Asked for an Unusual Gift

December 21, 2016

Meet Irene Crump and Phyllis Jones, twin sisters from the British town of Stourport-on-Severn who recently celebrated their 100th birthday together.

The LikeAble team offers you the chance to get to know these charming ladies a little better and to learn what unusual present they asked for on their birthday.


In the photo, Phyllis Jones (the older of the twin sisters) is on the left, and Irene Crump (the younger sister) is on the right.

Irene and Phyllis (or Rene and Phil, as their family and friends call them) were born 25 minutes apart on November 20,1916, and the two have been inseparable ever since. They went to the same school, worked for the same ceramics company, and now they even live together in one house!

Rene and Phil are non-identical twins: they have different looks and characters. Rene has always had a calm and rational nature, while Phil has always been restless and inventive and hasn’t lost her joyful spirit even in old age.


The twins are not the only ones in their family who lived to an impressive age: their elder sister, Dorothy, died in 2006 when she was 92. The sisters’ spouses also lived long lives: Irene’s husband, Samuel, and Phyllis’s partner, Ray, both passed away when they turned 90.

Irene has never had any children, but Phyllis’s son, Carl, takes care of them both: he and his wife, Patricia, visit the old ladies every day. Carl says that despite their venerable age, his mother and aunt are not dependent on other people and do not require constant care.


The sisters have almost always celebrated their birthday together, and their centennial was no exception. The celebration was attended by 48 guests. Surprisingly, Irene and Phyllis didn’t ask their family and friends for presents to mark their special day. Instead, they requested the guests to give donations to the air ambulance organization.

Every day, specialists of this service make dozens of rescue flights in order to help victims of road accidents and to assist people who need urgent medical care.


Irene and Phyllis are believed to be one of just six sets of centenarian twins in the UK. On their 100th birthday, each pair received a postcard personally signed by the Queen.

When asked about their secret of long life, Irene replied, “Hard work and good food is our secret. That’s all I can put it down to.”


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