What ordinary people eat around the world, in photographs

American photographer Peter Menzel has traveled the world to study what ordinary people eat. He published many of his photographs on this subject in a book titled What I Eat: Around the World in 80 Diets. When you see these images, you can’t help but be fascinated by just how different people and their lifestyles are. The various professions, habits, cultures, customs and living standards of people from all corners of the Earth are all on display here. We present a few of the most interesting photographs from Peter’s book. Each one shows all the food that the individual eats in a single day.


Saleh Abdul Fadlallah, a camel broker from Cairo, Egypt. He eats 3,200 calories of food a day.


Robina Weiser-Linnartz, a master baker and confectioner from Cologne, Germany. 3,700 calories a day.


Conrad Tolby, American long-distance truck driver. 5,400 calories a day.


Jill McTighe, a classroom assistant from London, UK. 12,300 calories on a “bingeing” day in the month.


Saada Haidar (left), a house wife from Sanaa, Yemen. 2,700 calories a day. The head monk (right) of a Tibetan monastery, 4,900 calories a day.


Takeshi Masato, a Sumo wrestler from Nagoya, Japan. 3,500 calories a day.


Katherine Navas a high school student from Caracas, Venezuela. 4,000 calories a day.


Mariel Booth (left), a model and student from New York. 2,400 calories a day. Sitarani Tyaagi (right), an ascetic Hindu priest from Ujjain, India. 1,000 calories a day.


Zu Zhipeng, a freelance computer graphics artist. 1,600 calories a day.


Noolkisaruni Tarakuai, the third of four wives of a Maasai chief. 800 calories a day.


Lan Guihua, a widowed farmer from Ganjiagou Village, Sichuan Province, China. 1,900 calories a day.


Oswaldo Gutierrez, an Oil Platform worker from Venezuela (left). 6,000 calories a day. Bruce Hopkins (right), a life guard from Sydney, Australia. 3,700 calories a day.


Willie Ishulutak an Innuit soapstone carver from Iqaluit, Canada. 4,700 calories a day.


Oscar Higares, a professional bullfighter from Miraflores De La Sierra, Spain. 4,200 calories.

Source: Peter Menzel