When different nationalities combine to produce something beautiful

Naira Oganesyan, a photographer, created a photo project titled ’’The beauty of mixed blood’’, which aims to show how the children of parents of different nationalities often exhibit a unique kind of beauty. To advertise the idea, Naira wrote an advertisement on the site of an online parenting group, and she was very surprised when more than 200 parents replied to her. According to Naira, it was really difficult to choose the models because she liked all of the kids, and wanted to involve all of them in her project.

We at LikeAble suggest you to have a look at these charming photos below. Now we understand why international marriages are so popular these days!

Five-year-old Lucas: his dad is Belgian and his mom is Russian.

Four-and-a-half-year-old Salma: her dad is Uzbek and her mom is Armenian.

Five-year-old Eliza: her dad is half-Armenian and half-Georgian and her mom is Russian.

Eight-year-old Anna: her dad is Armenian and her mom is Russian.

Five-year-old Eva: her dad is Korean and her mom is of Russian, Ukrainian, and Jewish descent.

Six-year-old Dominic: his dad is half-Georgian and half-Tatar and his mom is Ossetian.

Seven-year-old Timur: his dad is Azerbaijanian and his mom is Russian.

Five-year-old Lukyan: his dad is half-Ukrainian and half-Russian and his mom is half-Turkmen and half-Tatar.

Six-and-a-half-year-old Daniel: his dad is Nigerian and his mom is Russian.

Nine-year-old Ksenia: her dad is of German Jewish descent and her mom is half-Russian and half-Tatar.

Five-year-old Maya: her dad is Russian and her mom is Armenian.

Five-year-old Alice: her dad is Russian and her mom is half-Uzbek and half-Tatar.

Five-year-old Leon: his exact nationality is unknown.

Six-year-old Leo: his dad is Congolese and his mom is Russian.

Nine-year-old Vagif: his dad is half-Azerbaijanian and half-Russian and his mom is half-Armenian and half-Russian.

Seven-year-old Daniel: his dad is Tatar and his mom is Georgian.

Author: Naira Oganesyan