Wife Loves Baths, So Sweet Hubby Transforms A Piece Of Wood Into Her Perfect Valentine’s Gift

February 23, 2017

After a long, stressful day, nothing is more relaxing than coming home and taking a hot, soothing bath. Whether you had work, ran errands, took care of the kids, or just had a rough day, relaxing in a bath is always helpful.

Many people use baths to unwind from a hard day — they are like an at-home version of going to the spa. Baths can help relieve muscle tension, reduce stress, and rejuvenate the soul. Some people even turn their bathrooms into spa-like oases, like this man.

If you’re a bath enthusiast, you know that there are a lot of incredible ways to personalize your bath experience, from essential oils, to bath salts, to bubble baths. Everyone has a different bath preference.

Some people love to use their time in the bath to catch up on reading, browse through a magazine, or drink a relaxing beverage. For some people, having a cup of tea in the bath makes the experience better; for others, a glass of wine rounds out the relaxation.

Look at this incredible DIY bath tray one husband made for his wife — you will definitely want to make one for yourself!


Starting this project is relatively easy, especially if you have a simple piece of leftover wood.

The project’s creator explained: “I started with this cedar board that I had left over from a pervious project. It was an inexpensive fence picket, so it’s rough on both sides.”


He cut the wood down to 32 inches and sanded down the pieces.

Since the wood was rough on both sides, sanding was a necessary step to make this into a usable tray.

The last thing you want during a relaxing bath is to get a splinter, so sanding ensures you won’t get unwanted injuries.


Next, he rounded the corners off to make it look nice. He tried two different styles, but ended up settling on the simpler rounded edge.


The next step was to create a slot for a tablet to sit in.

He wrote, “Routing the grooves that will help hold the tablet/phone in place. I clamped a scrap of poplar down to use as a guide for the router base. I used a rounded core box bit for this step.”

This is one of the most important pieces of the bath tray, as the groove ensures that your phone or tablet won’t accidentally fall into the bathtub.


One of the most essential parts of this bath tray is the perfect slots for wine glasses.

First, he drilled a circular hole into the wood, then used a jigsaw to create a half inch channel for the wineglass stem to slide through.


After that, he sanded it down and started on the next step: a small candle area.

This is a partial hole topped with a layer of cork to prevent sliding. While he used this area to hold a candle, this could also be used for a small glass of water or a bowl of snacks.


Next, he added a back stand for a phone/table to lean on, and stained the wood a darker color.

Staining the bath tray gives it a gorgeous finished look, making the wood grain more prominent and giving it a beautiful color.

You could stain this according to your preference, depending on what color you want. Staining the wood also makes it less permeable to water, which is great since this will be used over a bathtub.


The final product is absolutely stunning. He decorated it with a beautiful red candle and some fragrant rose petals, which really rounded out the look.


This bath tray is the perfect place to put your favorite candle.

Just be careful you don’t burn yourself — and keep your shower curtain far from it!


But some have asked: why the two wineglass holders?

The clever crafter explains it can either be ambidextrous — or simply hold two glasses of wine!


Would you consider making one of these gorgeous bath trays for yourself?

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