The wife of Singapore’s Prime Minister carries a $15 purse, and there is such a good reason for this

December 27, 2016

We know that the wives of heads of governments usually prefer wearing the most elegant attire and having expensive accessories for state visits. But Ho Ching, the wife of Singapore’s Prime Minister, has a different opinion about that. She chose a $15 denim dinosaur-printed purse for a state visit to the White House.


And it’s not surprising that soon these purses were in great demand. Actually, it wasn’t a regular purse: it was designed by a Singaporean student at Pathlight School, the country’s first autism-focused school. 19-year-old Seetoh Sheng Jie has been obsessed with dinosaurs since childhood, and that’s why he chose this print for the purse. By the way, every item created by the students of Pathlight School is sold by a retailer, and the designers receive royalties on sales of their items.


With her new purse, Ho Ching decided to support this great idea. She is also a patron of the Autism Association Singapore, the organization that has started this project. Her act is proof that kindness and good deeds are still alive.


Preview photo credit AP / FOTOLINK
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