Wife In Tears Says She Gave Away Every Cent Of Husband’s $1 Million, Then He Breaks His Silence

February 8, 2017

On NBC’s The Wall, teams of two contestants compete in several rounds to win millions of dollars. But it’s only in the final round that the stakes are truly raised: the team is split, and one contestant goes backstage while the other stays on stage with hopes to accumulate more winnings.

The catch? The person backstage has no idea what’s happening on stage, or how much their partner is winning. This person is sent a contract by the host, offering the team a guarantee of a certain amount of money. If the contract is signed, the team leaves with that amount. If it is not, the two contestants leave with the amount they won on stage, whether or not it is higher or lower than what was offered in the contract.

Husband and wife team Jarrod and Shantelle appeared on the show hoping to win big. Shantelle was the one to go backstage and was offered a contract guaranteeing that they would leave with $135,001.

She had no idea that Jarrod had already won almost $1 million, so she went ahead and signed it.

When she came back on stage, she had to reveal what she had done. In tears, she almost fainted just thinking about how much money she had just lost.

But Jarrod didn’t reprimand her. In fact, he didn’t even look upset. He saw the glass have full and forgave her, insisting that, even if they lost an incredible amount of money, they had still won $135,001! That’s a sizable sum for anyone!

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