My Wife Told Me We Needed Pictures Of The Kids And Bought Me A Camera, Then This Happened

February 15, 2017

In early 2015 my wife told me we needed to start taking some pictures of the kids, they were growing up fast and there were so many great moments we were missing and they were gone forever. Sure we captured a lot of these moments with our phones but she wanted some decent higher quality photos. So for my birthday she bought me a Samsung nx500.

I had used cameras before doing some amateur short films and just kind of playing around, but I knew very little if not close to nothing about photography or the art of photography. I played around with it for a couple of months not really doing anything special until one day I came across a photographer on the internet, Lisa Holloway. Her photography was incredible and I sort of became obsessed with what could be done with the camera.

So I started watching YouTube videos and finding any kind of training photography that I could and just couldn’t seem to get enough of it. It was in October when I finally pulled the camera out and started getting serious with it and taking pictures of the kids. Every day I’m trying to push myself to be creative and original and artistic in every photo!

It’s been just over a year now and these are some of my favorites! You can see more of my work and follow me on my Facebook page!

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