The Winners of the National Geographic Travel Photographer Awards of 2016

December 22, 2016

Thousands of amazing images — of incredible landscapes, unusual places, and memorable people — were recently presented at the competition organized by National Geographic, which focused on travel photography. The competition is now over, and it would be an understatement to say that some of the winning shots are breathtaking — these images are so vivid that they almost leap out of the photo in front of you.

We at LikeAble suggest you take the time to enjoy the sheer beauty of these pictures. No words we offer can do them justice.

The Grand Prize Winner: ’Winter Horseman,’ Inner Mongolia

© Anthony Lau

First Place Winner, Cities: Ben Youssef, Marrakesh, Morocco

© Takashi Nakagawa

First Place Winner, Nature: ’Wherever You Go, I Will Follow You,’ Hokkaido, Japan

© Hiroki Inoue

Honorable Mention, Cities: ’Divide,’ Manhattan, New York, United States

© Kathleen Dolmatch

Honorable Mention, Nature: ’Bears On A Berg,’ Nunavut, Canada

© John Rollins

Second Place Winner, People: ’Rooftop Dreams,’ Varanasi

© Yasmin Mund

Third Place Winner, Nature: Lagunas Baltinache (Atacama Desert), Antofagasta, Chile

© Victor Lima

Second Place Winner, Cities: ’Silenced,’ Guangdong Sheng, China

© Wing Ka H.

Third Place Winner, People: ’Remote Life At ?21 Degrees,’ Himachal Pradesh, India

© mattia passarini

Second Place Winner, Nature: ’Double Trapping,’ Brazilian Pantanal

© Massimiliano Bencivenni

Jonas Blizzard And The Flatiron Building, New York, United States

© Michele Palazzo

Source BoredPanda
, National Geographic
Preview photo credit Michele Palazzo