Woman Finds Pit Bull Dumped On Burning Hot Asphalt, But Waits Patiently Until She Comes To Her

February 2, 2017

Even if you’re a dog lover, it can sometimes be very tough to get a pooch to trust you.

If an animal has been severely abused, they are going to be much harder to win over, as they can sometimes only remember the hurt they’ve suffered.

Animals on the street may not have been abused, but they also don’t know what a stranger wants from them, so it’s always smart to approach with caution.

Not all dogs are looking to be saved either. They may be happy right where they are. But if you see a dog that is clearly in need, there are ways that you can try to help.

When Tania from Pit Bulls and Parolees saw a pit bull walking on burning hot asphalt, she knew she couldn’t just leave the dog alone.

I can’t even begin to imagine what this dog’s paws looked like after walking on the asphalt for who knows how long. Despite sitting in a pile of trash in that heat, this dog still seemed very sweet.

Tania spoke in a calm, high voice to attract the dog’s attention. She kept her distance at first, wanting the pit bull to see her from afar before trying to approach.

She didn’t make this rescue attempt quick and fast; she took her time and slowly approached the dog, letting the pooch get a feel for her. Sure enough, the pit bull eventually trusted her and accepted her help!

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