Woman Records Grandpa About To Cut Into Birthday Cake, But He Doesn’t Know It’s Not A Cake At All

February 8, 2017

Some prank opportunities are too good to pass up. And some are so good that even the person getting pranked can’t get enough.

As the grandpa in the video below realized, even if you don’t quite understand what’s going on, the laughter is always worth it in the end.

The video starts out with the grandpa about to cut into his birthday cake, as his family records him.

He comes on over with a big knife. “Let’s see,” he says.

Something immediately goes wrong as he tries to cut into the cake — his knife just seems to bounce right off!

He gives it a little more pressure, but still, he just can’t cut a piece out.

At this point, the women around him seem to wonder why he hasn’t guessed what the issue with the cake is.

“Let’s see if the cake is actually worth cutting,” one of them says. She then proceeds to push some of the icing out of the way.

“Don’t take it off like that!” Grandpa says, worried for the cake.

“Dad, touch it,” his daughter says. After he pokes and prods the cake with his finger, she exclaims, “It’s Styrofoam!”

But as good as the prank was, the real gem of this video is the grandpa’s reaction when he realizes that the cake isn’t a cake at all.

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