Woman Out Walking In 110-Degree Weather Hears Odd Cries, Finds Tiny Kitten Fighting For His Life

February 6, 2017

Over the summer, a Portuguese woman went outside for a walk when she discovered something that changed her life. She was playing the popular game Pokémon Go when she heard strange cries.

At first she thought it was a bird, but it was almost 110 degrees outside and there weren’t any birds in the area.

She looked around to see where the noise was coming from, and that’s when she found a tiny kitten trapped between a building and an electrical post.

“What I found was a kitty crying for help,” she explains. “It had his head stuck in the junction between the top side and the bottom side of the post. It was hanging only by his head. We have no idea how the h*** did it get in that situation.”

The kitten barely had enough energy to cry and was trying its hardest to survive. The woman called her parents, who recommended she call the fire department.

When the firemen arrived, they thought the cat was dead, but they soon realized it was alive — but just barely.

They tried putting oil on the kitten and pushing it out with a broomstick, but the kitten didn’t budge. Then the firemen realized they needed to move the electrical post.

Needing more approval, they called in the police, who created a perimeter around the street to give them more space. They knew it could be dangerous to move the electrical post, so they started gently.

Soon enough, they all realized the firemen would not be able to tilt the electrical post, so they called the company responsible for the electrical system. They had to wait for 30 minutes for the man to arrive, but when he did he wasn’t really able to help either.

Eventually, they were able to use their tools to move the electrical post just enough for the kitten to escape.

They gave it water and tried to comfort the poor abandoned cat.

The woman and her parents decided to take the cat home, where they gave it a bath and got rid of its fleas.

They named him Spock because of his large ears.

Although the kitten was afraid of humans, he got along well with the family’s other pets.

Because he was so young, they had to feed Spock using a syringe, but eventually he started growing and flourishing.

Four months have passed since his rescue and Spock is now a beautiful (and huge) cat.

He’s finally less scared of his human family members.

Now he’s a playful, happy cat who loves life.

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[H/T Viral Nova]