What the world looks like through the lens of creativity

Artists stand out from other people. They are able to make an ordinary sock look like a dinosaur, use an ink-pot instead of a camera and merge a comb with a posh car.

LikeAble presents you with Christoph Niemann’s visionary pictures, in which everything is not what it seems.

The best camera is an ink-pot.

A tyrannosaur wearing its favorite turtleneck.

A posh car.

Mandarin season.

A hungry giraffe.

A morning yawn.


A dog howling at the moon.

A mosquito.

Beach season.

Baseball players.

This guy needs a good shampoo.


Playing football.

Ready to take off.

At the seaside.

A flower.

A panda.

A strolling giant.

A sketchbook becomes a sketch.

Source: Christoph Niemann, via: mi3ch