This is the world’s first evergreen skyscraper — and it’s utterly amazing!

Italian architect Stefano Boeri likes to mix engineered constructions with greenery, and his latest project was no exception. Soon, in Lausanne, Switzerland, a 384-foot, 35-floor, multiple-dwelling skyscraper covered with evergreen plants will appear.

Take a look at the photos LikeAble has collected from Boeri’s evolving project — and prepare to be amazed!

On the building’s facades — which are about 32,000 square feet — over 100 trees and 6,000 shrubs will be planted.

Inside there will be one- and two-bedroom apartments, a gym and office units.

Plants will protect the residents from dust, noise and strong wind.

Two similar towers, which are 360- and 250-feet-tall, have already been built as part of the architect’s project for Milan.

Source: boredpanda