You won’t believe these photos aren’t photoshopped

September 3, 2015

LikeAble shares 15 of the most impressive photos made without any photoshop effects. Deep concentration and creative views are the only tools used here.

Walking on water.

The illusion of a huge wave.

The river Po, Italy.

Suburban village near Arkhangelsk, Russia.

Twister on Lake Victoria, Uganda.

Red cardinal bird levitating.

The underwater world of Rock Partida Island, Mexico.

Photo of solar eclipse captured by Proba-2 mini-satellite.

The goal is found.

Giant double rainbow approximately 5 miles (8 km) wide, USA.

Helicopter near Yosemite Falls, USA.

The night world.

Alien invasion in Charlotte, The USA.

A large flock of birds, resembling a tornado.

Lizard playing the guitar.