You’ll never guess what this tiny house looks like on the inside…

This extraordinary project was designed by Mizuishi Architects Atelier in Japan. The miniature 594-square-foot house is built on a tiny triangular site alongside a river.

We here at LikeAble were astonished to see how functional and spacious this tiny little house turned out to be on the inside. Designers really can work wonders and make the world a better place!

The way the space is utilised inside this cosy modern cottage is really quite impressive.

The living area is downstairs. Windows on both sides maximise natural daylighting and give what the architects call ’’a sensation of floating.’’

The dining area and the kitchen are upstairs. It has a high ceiling which seemingly extends right to the roof.

The interior of the house is tastefully minimalist. All the walls are painted white to give a visual sense of space.

Source: Mizuishi Architect Atelier