Young Son Asks Dad Why He’s Recording A Video In The Hallway, Then The Door Opens Behind Him

February 10, 2017

Videos like the one you are about to watch always astound me. The way a person holding a camera can capture a sweet moment is so heartwarming that it touches millions. No matter how many times we see a video like this one, the impact is always there. This has happened when one man was surprised by the daughter he hadn’t seen in 10 years, or when this soldier dad surprised his son at school. These reunion videos are so wonderful simply because they’re very real and capture the raw emotions shared in the moments.

In the video below, a dad films his son right before a big surprise.

The video starts out with dad’s young son standing in a narrow hallway at home, with nothing but a closed white door behind him.

He instantly wonders why his dad is filming.

Dad’s reply is simple: “There’s a little surprise.”

Of course, this would intrigue anyone! His young son quickly asks whether they’re still going to the movies.

“Are we?” Dad replies.

Then, a voice behind the boy says, “The problem is, you said you were supposed to go to the movies with me!”

After seeing the young man who steps out the door, the boy covers his face in his shirt and bursts into tears.

It was his older brother, an active Marine who had been away from home for six months.

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